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The Fatigue

As commonly thought physical exhaustion never causes Fatigue. Medically speaking

fatigue is always due to old inflammatory changes but for common understanding, it is due to

Loss of sleep or

Loss of nutrition or

Loss of peace(depression/anxiety) or

After severe or prolonged infection, as after viral infections (currently Post covid).

After malignancies known as Cachexia

After severe physical labor as seen in athletes or sports person, known as burnout.

A common feature running through all types of Fatigue is the Loss of Energy to react physically mentally emotionally, and the inability to relax physically mentally, and emotionally.

Few important homeopathy medications for fatigue due to different reasons are

1.ARNICA MONTANA - Tender and Bruised sensation all over with the desire to stay isolated.

2.ARSENIC ALBUM - Exhausted feeling with fear anxiety and restlessness.

3.CINCHONA- Exhausted feeling with periodic fever.

4.GELSEMIUM - Exhausted feeling with dullness dizziness and drowsiness

5.PICRIC ACID - Exhausted feeling with inability to think and loss of confidence

Fatigue is treatable through lifestyle changes, interventions in form of diet therapy, massage therapy, detoxification therapy, and Homoeopathy.

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